About us

Zulfair Travel LLC is one of the most leading Travel and Tourism Companies in the UAE. Even in an adverse market of Dubai, Zulfair becomes the leading company which is growing as per the aspiration and expectation of the people. 
Zulfair is dashing ahead by introducing new idea and package which no one has ever experienced in the UAE. Zulfair has always been one of the top tourist companies with international acceptance and provides value-based services with reliability and responsibility towards the travel partners. Zulfair always satisfied the customers by providing cost-effective prices, com- bined with transparency & honest advice to our partners. 
More than 18000 people have already experienced the service of zulfair and explored the most beautiful places in the world in the 1st year itself. This happiness and satisfaction of the customers is the only factor which leads Zulfair towards success. Zulfair is planning to introduce more products in coming days.We are redefining tourism.